Madhunashini Compound

Madhunashini Compound
Madhunashini Compound
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Madhunashini Compound (Ayurvedic Medicine)

Dr. Josalene, a Western scholar says "Your Life Depends on how much you know about diabetes". This is true not only for diabetics but also for normal people as diabetes has spread rapidly since last few years.
At list Auyrveda says something about prestage of diabetic "prameha". "Pra" means more quantity and "meha" means urine. Prameha can due to your prakruti either kafaj, pittaj or vataj.

We find sugar level in blood or urine. This prameha stage, Kafaj patients if they take more and more cold drinks, milk and milks products. Or pittaj prameha patients liking junk foods and more sore items or vataj prameha patients who comes under in situation where he gets tension or he continue to sleep late at night and sleeps at day time or if he goes on taking more pulses like Chana, vatana, etc. may take place sugar level changes. Everybody knows, what to eat and what not to eat, Misbehavior tends to higher sugar level. Remember health is wealth & Diabetes is silent killer. Instead of stating heavy antidibetic medicines, in prameha stage think about mediation, yoga, Excises, brisk and regular walking etc. may help you to keep away from diabetes.

Common Symptoms

  • Frequent urination and passing urine in large quantity.
  • Feeling much hungry and thirsty.
  • Fatigue (tiredness) and constant pain in calfs.
  • Increase of weakness and body gradually becoming feeble, loss of luster and sexual weakness.
  • Injuries not healing for a long time.

Think those who are taking antidiabetic medicines. Why frequently your does of medicine goes on increasing and lastly start insulin during these treatment. Why you are not normal and fit though on Monitory sugar level. Why there some complaints of pains in legs, frequently urination, Tension (Neurological disturbance). Your normal personality changes.

Long term diabetic may suffer from : Acute diabetic Complication

  • High And Low B.P.
  • Paralysis
  • Gangrene
  • Retinopathy: May affect of Retina and may blindness.
  • Nephropathy: Kidney decease
  • Neuropathy: Numbness is body pains are common but loose nerve sensation.
  • Cardio Vascular complication may heart problem arise or increases.

The above information, is not to afraid you but to keep you alert. Though you may be taking any pathy medicines you should be happy, fit and normal. Our Ayurveda medicine madhunashini compound along with shelly's pearl Barley we have found good result. Read our pearl barley literature

Notice: Use "madhunashini compound" along with your current medicine. Contact your doctor if you find better changes in your body, feeling better with test report consult your doctor for better lifestyle

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